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Curious About Orange Wine?

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

Photo, pexels

Rosé is a perennial favourite, especially during summer months. Its happy pink hues and crisp fragrances are very appealing and it’s versatile with food, too. But the new wine trend we keep hearing about and showing up at professional wine tastings is orange wine. Wondering what the difference is? Well, it lies in how the wines are made. Usually, Rosé wine is made by using red grapes that have minimal skin contact after crushing. The colour comes from the grape skins. Brief skin contact results in the delicate pink and peach shades we associate with Rosé. But #orangewine is made using white grapes and maintaining longer skin contact during fermentation. The skin contact during the winemaking process might be a few days or it could be a year. The result is wine with a slightly cloudy, orange colour. The longer skin contact also gives the wine a medium body, with a fuller texture in the mouth.

While we’re talking about orange wine, let’s look at the food to eat with it. Orange wine

Photo, Jane Staples

suits seafood, sushi, grilled souvlaki or your favourite charcuterie and cheese board. So there are lots of options! Because it has a fuller body than whites, it can handle meat dishes better than whites. Sometimes, perhaps mid-day or on a hot summer afternoon, you don’t necessarily want a full bodied Shiraz or Cab Sauv. Orange wine will do the trick. Good to know, with patio season and backyard suppers coming up soon.

A favourite orange wine that I've tried is Loveblock Orange Sauv Blanc. The winemaker is Kim Crawford, well-known to wine lovers the world over. A taste comparison quickly showed me the differences between Orange Sauv Blanc and the traditional style of Sauv Blanc,

Rory Crawford with Loveblock Orange Sauv Blanc 2018. Photo, Jane Staples

even though they are made from the same grape varietal. First I tasted the traditional Sauv Blanc, which showed tropical fruit, gooseberry, citrus and sweet basil. Then I tried the Orange Sauv Blanc which had a distinctive flavour profile. Initially herbaceous, the palate showed intriguing minerality with notes of apricot, saffron, grapefruit and orange rind. Both are #vegan-friendly and #sustainably crafted. I was fortunate to taste these wines with Rory Crawford, son of Erica and Kim Crawford, at Pure Discovery 2019, which presented many of New Zealand’s premium wine products.

Now you know the difference and can look forward to trying an orange wine next time you get the chance.

Jane Staples - Wine, Food & Travel Writer


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