• Jane Staples

My Rainy Day Foodie Adventure

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

It rained today. I mean cats and dogs, pouring buckets, a free car wash! After a morning working indoors, I was restless and so was my daughter. We wanted to try something new for

supper. So we took off for TNT, a major Asian food emporium. Wow! She had been there before, so she quickly led me to the sushi section. Lots of choices, ready for take-out or all the ingredients to make your own. I grabbed fragrant pickled ginger, then we visited the sauces aisle.

Okay, I quickly realized that you can make just about any dish that you can

dream up. We wandered through the extensive seafood department, lingering lovingly over the smoked salmon and making mental notes to return soon.

She kept telling me that there's a great produce department and that's an understatement. Fresh exotic fruits, vegetables, herbs, mushrooms. A lot of mushrooms. I selected fresh lime leaves and some Portobello mushrooms to go with the yellow curry paste I had already put in

my basket. We gazed at the extensive selection of teas and fruit juices before heading to the check-out and of course, I grabbed a chocolate bar, too. For dessert. Or because it's still raining. Or whatever. I

needed that chocolate bar.

I just finished supper and I can tell you that I am one contented customer. I added

a teaspoon of the curry paste to the rice as it cooked and threw in a couple of chopped lime leaves, a handful of raisins and some coconut milk. I sauteed the Portobello mushrooms with green onions and red pepper. I cooked a piece of chicken and added a little pickled ginger to my plate.

In my wine glass I poured Ruffino Orvieto; fruity and slightly herbal, but not too overpowering for all those delicious flavours on my plate.

So my rainy day foodie adventure turned out very well indeed! A little trip to Asia, returning with a bag full of goodies. And no jet - lag! I can't wait to return!


Jane Staples, Accredited Sommelier and Foodie

Summer 2018