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My love of wine started during a leisurely summer spent in France, where fine food and wine are part of the lifestyle.  A few years later, I had the opportunity to live in Madrid, the Spanish city that never sleeps.  I happily discovered that going out for a glass of wine and tapas is the favourite way to socialize in Madrid. 


Another passion is words, whether I’m writing a poem, learning a new language or simply talking with friends.  Apparently I was a very gregarious baby, according to my mother!  I turned this knack into a skill with writing courses, then acquired my Sommelier Certificate in 2012.  Writing combines my passions for wine, people and words.  My passion for wine and food gives me a gateway into the cultural heritage of the countries I visit.  


I’ve had wonderful opportunities to study wine and food culture in Italy, Portugal, Spain, France, California and Canada.  This year I also visited Finland - yes, they do make wine in Finland! as well as Czech Republic and Croatia.  In Czechia, I toured the famous Urquell Brewery.  In Croatia, the birthplace of Zinfandel, I fell in love with the warm hospitality that goes along with the wine and food culture.

Now an independent Wine and Food Writer, my articles and wine reviews have been published in Ottawa Wedding Magazine, 55-Plus Magazine and the Italian Trade Agency Newsletter, among others.  I have also been a major contributing writer for several years at Canada’s largest wine website,, where I have shared over 2500 wine reviews and numerous articles.

All reviews my own.

Photo credit,  Claudette Bockstael,  Studio C Photography

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