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How to Handle THE HANGOVER

Updated: May 27, 2020

Hangovers happen. When I'm out tasting professionally or socializing, I keep it moderate. But sometimes at home with friends, when I don't have to drive, well, maybe I indulge in a few more drops. So what to do about the headache and heavy stomach that

follow over-indulgence? There are actually some easy, effective things you can do to help dispel these feelings and carry on with your day.

My own remedies consist of:

1) a big glass of water, preferably distilled.

2) a hearty breakfast of orange juice, oatmeal in winter or granola in summer and café au lait. That's a fancy way of saying strong coffee.

Later in the day, a hard-boiled egg could replace the cereal, in order to fuel your body with some solid protein and vitamins. I like to think that I am balancing the devil's drink with "good fuel".

3) get outdoors! A brisk walk, a swim or some snowshoeing will fill your lungs with oxygen and refresh your brain. As a former kinesiology student, I know that movement revs up your circulation and helps clear out toxins from your blood.

4) a short nap. 30 minutes can work wonders after steps 1-3. If you have to head off to work, plan to cat-nap on your lunch hour.

5) more water! Keep hydrating with several glasses of water through the next few hours and you'll soon feel better.

What else? Here are tips from several yogis:


Jane Staples - Wine, Food & Travel Writer, Accredited Sommelier


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